Jessica And Lewis – A Blackburn Wedding

bride groom dancing at northgate suite in blackburn

Jessica & Lewis - Blackburn, Lancashire


From Sid Vicious To The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Jessica & Lewis definitely did things their way on their wedding day. From the choice of music to the reception theme, this really was a very personal & unique affair.

The Ceremony

I had already been told about their choice of songs to walk in & out of the ceremony & to be honest, I couldn't wait! The bride walked into the ceremony with Meat Loaf - I Would Do Anything For Love playing & fast forwarding to the end of the ceremony, the newly weds walked out to Sid Vicious & Something Else, throw The Cure - Friday I'm In Love into the mix & you start to get the picture, it was a unique experience for me & a refreshing one. I love photography & music, throw these 2 together & I am definitely living the dream!

A beautiful & emotional ceremony which included appearances from their little children which, from a photographer's point of view, was just perfect. I did have a little dance myself whilst photographing the happy couple as they left the ceremony room at the Northgate Suite in Blackburn.

The registrars & staff at the Northgate Suite were just fantastic, they were obviously enjoying this unique wedding as much as I and everyone else was.

Coronation Gardens

A beautiful sunny day in May, perfect conditions for some natural, relaxed & fun photography. We all made the short journey from the Northgate Suite to the stunning Coronation Gardens in Blackburn & we spent around 30 minutes or so capturing some beautiful images, images that definitely captured the true emotions & their true feelings for each other. We finished this part of the day off with some lovely group photographs before moving on to the reception.

The Reception

Game Of Thrones & The Rocky Horror Picture Show, put these two together & that was the theme of the evening. The chairs at the head table were specially made, throne type chairs heavily influenced by Game Of Thrones. The first dance was simply amazing. First of all a nice slow dance together, looking good, then boom! The Timewarp! Lewis was wearing velcro trousers which he ripped off in some style & things just went crazy from their! Again, from a wedding photographer's point of view, just brilliant!

All in all, an amazing day, one which I will not forget.

Jessica & Lewis's Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Jessica & Lewis's wedding photography experience with myself started with a pre wedding photo shoot.

man and woman sat on steps and kissing
man holding woman and kissing her head
man sat behind a woman whilst holding and kissing her

The Wedding Day

affordable wedding photography cheshire bride and groom kissing in Blackburn at their wedding day photo shoot
bride and groom dancing at their wedding in Blackburn
bride and father of the bride walking down the aisle at the northgate suite in blackburn
bride and groom with two children
bride and groom hugging
bride and groom at coronation gardens laughing and smiling
a group photograph at coronation gardens in blackburn
a group of men dressed in wedding suits and one man holding a baby
newly married couple in coronation gardens, Blackburn
two babies sat on grass

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