Paul & Shirley In Wallasey

bride and groom stood together at the manor in wallasey

Paul & Shirley's Wedding Day - Wallasey, Wirral

A Wirral Wedding

Late August at Wallasey Town Hall, the weather & venue were perfect for Paul & Shirley's big day. Shirley was fashionably late ( 25 minutes to be precise ) & Paul was as calm as you like, unlike the registrars who were starting to panic, but I had total faith in Shirley making an appearance.

It's All Go!

I had been given strict instructions from the registrar to hurry up when Shirley arrived, so it was a fast arrival & straight in to the ceremony room to get ready for Shirley's entrance. I didn't realise how many stairs  were inside the town hall, a quick sprint up them made me realise there were more than I first thought. Once in the ceremony room I was instructed to stay put behind the registrars once the ceremony began, I did sneak around the back once or twice.

All's Well That Ends Well

Needless to say, the ceremony was amazing, the bride looked stunning, the groom looked sharp, everyone was happy & the atmosphere was just perfect! Some great shots of lovely people enjoying Paul & Shirley's big day.

Below are a selection of images and slideshow from Paul & Shirley's wedding day.



father of the bride escorting the bride down the aisle
brdie winking at her groom in wallasey town hall
bride and groom exchanging wedding rings at wallasey town hall
bride and groom kissing at a wedding in wallasey town hall
bride and groom with family at the register signing at wallsey town hall
bride and groom kissing at wallasey town hall on the wirral
lady taking a photograph with a smartphone at wallasey town hall
wedding group photograph on the steps of wallasey town hall
bride and groom stood together at the manor in wallasey
champagne glass and bride and groom in wallasey
bride and groom kissing at a wallasey wedding
first dance at a wirral wedding in wallasey

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